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Having assured himself that we were fully enlightened on this point, he proceeded to another branch of his subject. 鈥楢h! Typee mortakee!鈥攏uee, nuee mioree鈥攏uee, nuee wai鈥攏uee, nuee poee-poee鈥攏uee, nuee kokoo鈥攁h! nuee, nuee kiki鈥攁h! nuee, nuee, nuee!鈥 Which literally interpreted as before, would imply, 鈥楢h, Typee! isn鈥檛 it a fine place though!鈥攏o danger of starving here, I tell you!鈥攑lenty of bread-fruit鈥攑lenty of water鈥攑lenty of pudding鈥攁h! plenty of everything! ah! heaps, heaps heaps!鈥 All this was accompanied by a running commentary of signs and gestures which it was impossible not to comprehend..
The fruit somewhat resembles in magnitude and general appearance one of our citron melons of ordinary size; but, unlike the citron, it has no sectional lines drawn along the outside. Its surface is dotted all over with little conical prominences, looking not unlike the knobs, on an antiquated church door. The rind is perhaps an eighth of an inch in thickness; and denuded of this at the time when it is in the greatest perfection, the fruit presents a beautiful globe of white pulp, the whole of which may be eaten, with the exception of a slender core, which is easily removed..
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Nothing in the appearance of the islanders struck me more forcibly than the whiteness of their teeth. The novelist always compares the masticators of his heroine to ivory; but I boldly pronounce the teeth of the Typee to be far more beautiful than ivory itself. The jaws of the oldest graybeards among them were much better garnished than those of most of the youths of civilized countries; while the teeth of the young and middle-aged, in their purity and whiteness, were actually dazzling to the eye. Their marvellous whiteness of the teeth is to be ascribed to the pure vegetable diet of these people, and the uninterrupted healthfulness of their natural mode of life.?
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Little as I understood of the language, yet from his animated gestures and the varying expression of his features鈥攔eflected as from so many mirrors in the countenances around him, I could easily discover the nature of those passions which he sought to arouse. From the frequent recurrence of the words 鈥楴ukuheva鈥 and 鈥楩rannee鈥 (French), and some others with the meaning of which I was acquainted, he appeared to be rehearsing to his auditors events which had recently occurred in the neighbouring bays. But how he had gained the knowledge of these matters I could not understand, unless it were that he had just come from Nukuheva鈥攁 supposition which his travel-stained appearance not a little supported. But, if a native of that region, I could not account for his friendly reception at the hands of the Typees..

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